31 Unique French Words That Start With Y To Explore

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Here are some French words that start with Y.

If you are a Scrabble or crosswords amateur, this post is for you! 😉

31 French words That Start with Y

So there is my list of 31 French words beginning with Y with its English translation and type :

French Word English TranslationFamily & Gender MeaningLetters
YamYamNoun (Masculine)A type of tuber3
YétiYetiNoun (Masculine)Mythical snow creature4
YoleYoleNoun (Feminine)A type of boat4
YuzuYuzuNoun (Masculine)Asian citrus fruit4
YogaYogaNoun (Masculine)Physical and mental discipline4
YogiYogiNoun (Masculine)Practitioner of yoga4
YeuxEyesNoun (Masculine, plural)Organs of vision4
YoupiHoorayInterjectionExpression of joy5
YémenYemenProper nameCountry in Middle East5
YaourtYogurtNoun (Masculine)Fermented dairy product6
YackYakNoun (Masculine)Large domesticated wild ox4
YachtYachtNoun (Masculine)A private boat or ship5
YassaYassaNoun (Masculine)West African chicken dish5
Yé-yéYe-yeAdjectiveFrench 1960s pop music5
Yo-yoYo-yoNoun (Masculine)A toy on a string5
YammerYammerVerbTo talk incessantly6
YonicYonicAdjectiveSymbolizing female genitalia5
YucaYucaNoun (Feminine)A type of plant4
YourteYurtNoun (Feminine)Circular tent6
Yack (alternative)YakNoun (Masculine)Large domesticated wild ox4
YouyouCooingNoun (Masculine)Sound, often of a pigeon6
YataganYataghanNoun (Masculine)Turkish sword7
YodlerTo yodelVerbSinging with pitch changes6
YuppieYuppieNoun (Masculine)Young urban professional6
YéyéismeYe-ye-ismNoun (Masculine)Culture of 1960s French pop music8
YodleuseFemale yodelerNoun (Feminine)Woman who yodels8
YersiniaYersiniaNoun (Feminine)Genus of bacteria8
YottaoctetYottabyteNoun (Masculine)Large unit of digital information10
YoyoïserTo fluctuateVerbMove up and down like a yo-yo8
YperiteMustard gasNoun (Feminine)Toxic warfare agent7
Ylang-ylangYlang-ylangNoun (Masculine)Fragrant flower used in perfumery10
Table of french words that start with Y

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French Words With Y : With pronunciation (audio)

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French Words That Start With Y : PDF To Download & Print

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