My 51 Surprising French Words That Start with S

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Amateur of Scrabble or crosswords ? I See you… 😀

It’s time to slide into the world of French words that start with the letter ‘S’.

An integral part of many French verbs and adjectives, ‘S’ is a surefire way to sound SSSSSS mooth in French !

French Words That Start With S

So, here’s my list of 41 surprising French words beginning with S, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily & GenderMeaningNumber of letters
SacBagNoun (Masculine)A container for carrying things.3 letters
SageWiseAdjectiveHaving wisdom or good judgment.4 letters
SainHealthyAdjectiveIn good health or condition.4 letters
SalutHello, HiNoun (Masculine)A greeting or expression of goodwill.5 letters
SansWithoutPrepositionLacking or devoid of something.4 letters
SauterTo JumpVerbTo propel oneself upward or forward.6 letters
SavoirTo KnowVerbTo be aware of or have knowledge.6 letters
SécuritéSafetyNoun (Feminine)The condition of being protected from harm.8 letters
SemaineWeekNoun (Feminine)A period of seven consecutive days.6 letters
SerpentSnakeNoun (Masculine)A long, legless reptile.7 letters
SoleilSunNoun (Masculine)The star at the center of our solar system. 6 letters
SommeilSleepNoun (Masculine)The natural state of rest for the mind and body.7 letters
SourireTo SmileVerbTo make a happy or friendly expression with the mouth.7 letters
SucreSugarNoun (Masculine)A sweet substance used as a sweetener.5 letters
SuperbeSuperbAdjectiveOf very high quality; excellent.7 letters
SurOn, UponPrepositionIndicating location or position above or atop.3 letters
SûrSure, CertainAdjectiveConfident in one’s knowledge or belief.3 letters
SymboleSymbolNoun (Masculine)A thing that represents something else.7 letters
SympathiqueNice, FriendlyAdjectiveHaving a pleasant or agreeable manner.10 letters
SystèmeSystemNoun (Masculine)A set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole.7 letters
SaladeSaladNoun (Feminine)A dish of various mixed raw or cooked vegetables.6 letters
SéductionSeductionNoun (Feminine)The act of enticing someone romantically or sexually.9 letters
SélectionnerTo SelectVerbTo choose from a set of options.12 letters
SolitaireSolitaryAdjectiveBeing alone, often by choice.9 letters
SouhaiterTo WishVerbTo desire or hope for something to happen.9 letters
SouvenirMemoryNoun (Masculine)A recollection of past events.8 letters
SpécialSpecialAdjectiveBeing distinct or unique; not ordinary.6 letters
SpectacleShow, SpectacleNoun (Masculine)A public display or performance.9 letters
SportifSportyAdjectiveInterested in or good at sports.7 letters
SubtilSubtleAdjectiveNot immediately obvious; hard to notice.6 letters
SucréSweetAdjectiveHaving a sugary taste.5 letters
SuperficielSuperficialAdjectiveLacking depth or significance; shallow.11 letters
SurnaturelSupernaturalAdjectiveBeyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law.10 letters
SaisirTo SeizeVerbTo grab or take hold of suddenly.6 letters
SilenceSilenceNoun (Masculine)The absence of sound or noise.7 letters
SimplicitéSimplicityNoun (Feminine)The quality of being uncomplicated.10 letters
SincèreSincereAdjectiveFree from pretense or deceit.7 letters
SophistiquéSophisticatedAdjectiveHaving refined or cultured tastes and habits.11 letters
SoupleFlexibleAdjectiveCapable of bending or being bent easily.6 letters
SoutienSupportNoun (Masculine)The act of helping or assisting.7 letters
SplendideSplendidAdjectiveVery impressive; magnificent.9 letters
SatireSatireNoun (Feminine)The use of humor to criticize or mock.6 letters
SoudainSuddenAdjectiveHappening or coming quickly and unexpectedly.7 letters
SubirTo UndergoVerbTo experience or be subjected to.5 letters
SuffisantSufficientAdjectiveAdequate for the purpose.9 letters
SombreDarkAdjectiveLacking light; gloomy.6 letters
SignalSignalNoun (Masculine)A sign or indicator used to communicate.6 letters
SévèreSevereAdjectiveVery serious or strict. letters
SuiviFollow-upNoun (Masculine)A subsequent action or event in a series.5 letters
SuperstitionSuperstitionNoun (Feminine)A belief in supernatural causality.12 letters
SceptiqueSkepticalAdjectiveDoubtful or questioning toward a claim or idea.9 letters
Table of French words that start with S

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