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Post updated October 3rd, 2023 :
– Add a printable pdf file of the word list.
– Addition of 6 new words or french expressions beginning with Q.
– New table format for the list.
– Definitions added.

Today I had fun with the words that start with Q by including in my list some common French expressions.

I hope my crossword friends won’t mind too much, but it’s easier to learn with a little fun.

Find also French words starting with Y or with W 🙂

Have a nice day!

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French Words That Start With Q

So there is my list of 55 French words beginning with Q with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French Words Starting with Q

Word Starting with ‘Q’ in FrenchTranslation in EnglishFamily and Gender of WordsMeaning
qu’à cela ne tienneNo problem, never mindExpressionA phrase meaning it’s not an issue or concern.
quandwhenConjunctionUsed to specify a point in time.
quantas for, regardingAdverbUsed to introduce a particular aspect of a subject.
quantifierto quantifyVerbMeasure or express the quantity of something.
quantitatifquantitativeAdjectiveRelating to the measurement of quantity.
quasimentalmost, nearlyAdverbUsed to indicate a close approximation.
quatorzefourteenCommon Masculine NounThe number after thirteen and before fifteen.
quatuorquartetCommon Masculine NounA group of four musicians or singers.
quethan, that, which, who, whatAdverb, Relative Pronoun, Interrogative PronounUsed for comparisons, as a connector, or to ask questions.
QuébecoisQuebecoisAdjectiveRelating to Quebec, Canada.
quelqu’unsomeoneAdverbRefers to an unspecified person.
quelquesomeAdverbIndicates an unspecific number or amount.
quelquefoissometimesAdverbOccurring occasionally or irregularly.
querelleurquarrelsomeAdjectiveInclined to argue or dispute.
quérirto fetch, go and getVerbTo go and bring back something or someone.
quêtequest, searchCommon Feminine NounA journey for a specific purpose or objective.
quemanderrequestVerbTo ask for something, often insistently.
questionquestionCommon Feminine NounAn inquiry seeking a reply or solution.
queuetail, lineCommon Feminine NounThe rear part of an animal or a line of people.
quiwho, whichRelative PronounUsed to introduce a relative clause.
quichequicheCommon Feminine NounA savory pie with a filling of eggs, cheese, and other ingredients.
quillepin, skittleCommon Feminine NounA pin used in bowling or skittles.
quincailleriehardware storeCommon Feminine NounA store that sells hardware and tools.
quinzefifteenCommon Masculine NounThe number after fourteen and before sixteen.
quinquagénairefifty-somethingAdjectiveDescribing someone who is in their fifties.
quintefit, attackCommon Feminine NounA sudden outburst, such as of coughing or laughter.
quiproquomisunderstanding, mix-upCommon Masculine NounA confusion or mistake due to a misunderstanding.
quoiwhatInterrogative PronounUsed to ask for information or clarification.
quoiquealthoughConjunctionUsed to introduce a contrasting or contradictory idea.
quotidiendailyAdjectiveOccurring or done every day.
quitterto leave, quitVerbTo depart from a place or cease an activity.
quintuplerto quintupleVerbTo increase something fivefold.
quizzquizCommon Masculine NounA short test or game to assess knowledge.
qu’on se le dise!Let it be known!ExpressionA phrase used to emphasize that something should be acknowledged.
qu’est-ce que c’est?What is it?PhrasesUsed to inquire about the nature of something.
qu’est-ce qui se passe?What’s happening?PhrasesUsed to ask about the current situation or events.
quoi de neuf?What’s new?PhrasesUsed to ask if there is anything new or interesting.
quoi qu’il en soitBe that as it mayExpressionUsed to acknowledge a fact but indicate it won’t change one’s stance.
quand on parle du loupSpeak of the devilExpressionUsed when a person being talked about appears.
quant à moiAs for meExpressionUsed to introduce one’s own opinion or viewpoint.
qui ne tente rien n’a rienNothing ventured, nothing gainedExpressionSignifies that one has to take risks in order to achieve something.
qui sème le vent récolte la tempêteYou reap what you sowExpressionActions have consequences, often negative.
qui vivra verraTime will tellExpressionUsed to say that the future is uncertain and anything could happen.
qualitatifqualitativeAdjectiveRelated to the quality or characteristics of something, rather than its quantity.
qualifierto qualifyVerbTo describe, characterize, or enable someone or something to move to the next stage.
quartquarterCommon Masculine NounOne of four equal parts into which something is or can be divided.
quartierneighborhood, districtCommon Masculine NounA distinct area within a larger area, often inhabited by a specific community.
quantiquequantumAdjectiveRelating to the study or characteristics of quantum mechanics.
quasarquasarCommon Masculine NounAn extremely bright and distant celestial object, often powered by a black hole.
quorumquorumCommon Masculine NounThe minimum number of members needed for a group to officially conduct business.
quadrilatèrequadrilateralCommon Masculine NounA four-sided polygon.
quadrupèdequadrupedCommon Masculine NounAn animal that walks on four legs.
quasarquasarCommon Masculine NounAn extremely luminous object in space, powered by a black hole.
quasialmost, nearlyAdverbUsed to indicate that something is almost but not completely a certain thing.
que dallenothing at allExpressionUsed to emphasize the absence or lack of something.
Table of French words that start with Q

This list includes fine common phrases or expressions not so easy to translate but funny 😉

À bientôt!


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