Magnificent Mélodies: Dive Into The Music Of French M-Words

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Post updated October 20th, 2023 :
– Add number of letters for each word
– Add a printable pdf file of the word list.
– Addition 10 new words beginning with M.
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– Definitions added.

Today’s journey through the French language takes us to the letter ‘M’.

french words that start with M

So, here’s my list of 37 French words beginning with M, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily and Gender of WordsMeaning Number of Letters
MerSeaNoun (Feminine)A large body of saltwater3 letters
MielHoneyNoun (Masculine)Sweet substance made by bees4 letters
MardiTuesdayNoun (Masculine)The third day of the week5 letters
MétroSubwayNoun (Masculine)Underground urban railway5 letters
MondeWorldNoun (Masculine)All of humanity and civilization5 letters
MatinMorningNoun (Masculine)The period of time from sunrise to noon5 letters
MaisonHouseNoun (Feminine)A building for human habitation6 letters
MangerTo EatVerbTo consume food6 letters
MarchéMarketNoun (Masculine)A place for buying and selling goods6 letters
MignonCuteAdjectiveAttractive in a delicate way6 letters
MiroirMirrorNoun (Masculine)Reflective glass surface6 letters
MoulinMillNoun (Masculine)A building where grains are ground6 letters
MétierProfessionNoun (Masculine)An occupation or job6 letters
MagiqueMagicalAdjectiveOf, relating to, or being magic7 letters
MariageMarriageNoun (Masculine)Legal union of two people7 letters
MélodieMelodyNoun (Feminine)A sequence of musical notes7 letters
MusiqueMusicNoun (Feminine)The art of arranging sounds in time7 letters
MystèreMysteryNoun (Masculine)Something unexplained or unknown7 letters
MatelotSailorNoun (Masculine)A person who works on a ship7 letters
MéditerTo MeditateVerbTo focus the mind for relaxation or spiritual purposes7 letters
MoineauSparrowNoun (Masculine)A small bird of the finch family7 letters
ModerneModernAdjectiveRelating to the present or recent times7 letters
ModesteModestAdjectiveNot having or showing pride7 letters
MontagneMountainNoun (Feminine)A large natural elevation of the earth’s surface8 letters
MalachiteMalachiteNoun (Feminine)A green mineral of copper carbonate8 letters
MammouthMammothNoun (Masculine)An extinct large hairy elephant8 letters
MerveilleMarvelNoun (Feminine)A wonderful or astonishing person or thing8 letters
MagnétismeMagnetismNoun (Masculine)The properties of attraction possessed by magnets10 letters
MélancolieMelancholyNoun (Feminine)A feeling of deep sadness10 letters
MédicamentMedicationNoun (Masculine)A substance used for medical treatment10 letters
MannequinMannequinNoun (Masculine)A dummy used to display clothes9 letters
MascaradeMasqueradeNoun (Feminine)A false show or pretense9 letters
MécaniqueMechanicNoun (Feminine)The branch of physics dealing with motion9 letters
MouvementMovementNoun (Masculine)An act of changing physical location or position9 letters
MerveilleuxWonderfulAdjectiveInspiring delight or admiration11 letters
MarqueterieMarquetryNoun (Feminine)The art of applying pieces of veneer or inlay to a structure11 letters
MétallurgieMetallurgyNoun (Feminine)The science of working with metals11 letters

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French Words That Start With M : Pronunciation (Audio File)

Bertrand is happy to pronounce (correctly) with her lovely French accent all these French words starting with M ! 🙂

Please listen to our audio file (mp3) :

French Words That Start With M : Video (YouTube)

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French Words That Start With M : PDF To Download & Print

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