Unlocking French Vocabulary: The 39 ‘A’ Words You Need to Know

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Post updated October 18th, 2023 :
– Add number of letters for each word
– Add a printable pdf file of the word list.
– Addition 9 new words beginning with A.
– New table format for the list.
– Definitions added.

Today, we are going to explore the world of French words starting with the letter A.

Like the previous posts on French words starting with Y, with W, or starting with U, this post will provide you with a list of French words beginning with A, their English translations, and word types.

French Words That Start With A

So, here’s my list of 39 French words starting with A, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily & GenderMeaningNumber of Letters
amifriendnoun (masculine)A male friend3 letters
amiefriendnoun (feminine)A female friend4 letters
aînéeldestadjectiveOldest among siblings4 letters
agirto actverbTake action4 letters
alléealleynoun (feminine)A narrow passage5 letters
apéroaperitifnoun (masculine)Pre-dinner drink5 letters
aigleeaglenoun (masculine)A bird of prey5 letters
amourlovenoun (masculine)Feeling of affection5 letters
albumalbumnoun (masculine)A collection of records5 letters
aimerto like, to loveverbTo feel affection for5 letters
automneautumnnoun (masculine)The fall season7 letters
ananaspineapplenoun (masculine)A tropical fruit6 letters
accentaccentnoun (masculine)A distinctive pronunciation6 letters
affaméhungryadjectiveIn need of food6 letters
acteuractornoun (masculine)A male performer6 letters
ajouterto addverbTo include more7 letters
allumerto light, to turn onverbTo ignite or switch on7 letters
abricotapricotnoun (masculine)A stone fruit7 letters
abeillebeenoun (feminine)A stinging insect7 letters
aimablefriendlyadjectiveEasy to like7 letters
actriceactressnoun (feminine)A female performer7 letters
adorableadorableadjectiveVery cute or charming8 letters
aéroportairportnoun (masculine)A place for airplanes8 letters
agréablepleasantadjectiveEnjoyable or likable8 letters
alphabetalphabetnoun (masculine)A set of letters8 letters
anecdotéanecdotenoun (feminine)A short, amusing story8 letters
aiguilleneedlenoun (feminine)A sharp pointed tool8 letters
aquariumaquariumnoun (masculine)A water-filled habitat8 letters
additionadditionnoun (feminine)A mathematical sum or restaurant bill8 letters
accepterto acceptverbTo agree to receive8 letters
araignéespidernoun (feminine)An eight-legged arachnid8 letters
améliorerto improveverbTo make better9 letters
apprendreto learnverbTo acquire knowledge9 letters
alligatoralligatornoun (masculine)A reptile similar to a crocodile9 letters
acrobatieacrobaticsnoun (feminine)Gymnastic feats9 letters
accordéonaccordionnoun (masculine)A musical instrument9 letters
absolumentabsolutelyadverbCompletely, definitely10 letters
architecturearchitecturenoun (feminine)The design of buildings12 letters
accompagnementaccompanimentnoun (masculine)Something that goes with something else15 letters

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French Words With A + Pronunciation (Audio File)

Bertrand is happy to pronounce (correctly) with her lovely French accent all these French words starting with A! 🙂

Please listen to our audio file (mp3) :

French Words Starting With A : Video (YouTube)

Please see (and listen) our video concerning these French words starting with A :

French Words That Start With A : PDF To Download & Print

You are welcome to download and print my list of French Words that start with A in PDF and A4 format here :

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