45 Fantastic French Words That Start With F: That Will Make You Fluent!

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Today, we’ll focus on fabulous French words that start with the letter F.

I’ve compiled a list of 45 Fascinating words for you to discover, complete with their English translations and types.

By learning these words, you’ll enrich your French vocabulary and make your conversations more captivating.

French Words That Start With F

So, here’s my list of 45 French words beginning with F, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily & Gender MeaningNumber of Letters
foucrazy, madadjectiveInsane or mentally unstable3 letters
fadacrazy (informal)adjectiveInformally insane4 letters
fatalfatal, fatefuladjectiveLeading to death or disaster5 letters
faunefaunanoun (feminine)Animal life5 letters
fablefable, talenoun (feminine)A short story with a lesson5 letters
fleurflowernoun (feminine)Blooming plant part5 letters
forêtforestnoun (feminine)Large area with trees5 letters
fosséditch, gapnoun (masculine)Trench or divide5 letters
futurfutureadjectiveComing time5 letters
fuséerocketnoun (feminine)Vehicle for space travel5 letters
flânerto stroll, to wanderverbTo walk leisurely6 letters
frémirto shudder, to trembleverbTo shake slightly6 letters
facileeasyadjectiveNot difficult6 letters
féroceferociousadjectiveExtremely fierce6 letters
festinfeast, banquetnoun (masculine)Large meal6 letters
fidèlefaithful, loyaladjectiveTrue to commitments6 letters
fiertépridenoun (feminine)Sense of self-worth6 letters
festiffestiveadjectiveJoyful, celebratory6 letters
filialfilialadjectiveRelating to a child6 letters
fureurfury, ragenoun (feminine)Intense anger6 letters
fluidefluidadjectiveSmooth flowing6 letters
fébrilefeverishadjectiveHaving a fever7 letters
fémininfeminineadjectiveFemale characteristics7 letters
flamantflamingonoun (masculine)Type of bird7 letters
feuilleleafnoun (feminine)Plant part7 letters
flotterto floatverbTo remain on water surface7 letters
frissonshiver, thrillnoun (masculine)Quick feeling of excitement7 letters
fédéralfederaladjectiveRelating to central government7 letters
farceurjoker, pranksternoun (masculine)Person who makes jokes7 letters
famillefamilynoun (feminine)Group of related people7 letters
falaisecliffnoun (feminine)Steep rock face7 letters
farfelufar-fetched, crazyadjectiveUnlikely, bizarre7 letters
fabuleuxfabulousadjectiveAmazing8 letters
fréquentfrequentadjectiveOccurring often8 letters
féeriquemagical, fairy-likeadjectiveLike a fairy tale8 letters
fatalitéfate, inevitabilitynoun (feminine)Unavoidable destiny8 letters
fouineursnooper, nosy personnoun (masculine)Person prying into others’ affairs8 letters
fascinantfascinatingadjectiveExtremely interesting9 letters
fanatiquefanaticadjective/noun (masculine, feminine)Extremely devoted9 letters
formidablewonderful, greatadjectiveExtremely good9 letters
funérairefuneraryadjectiveRelating to funerals9 letters
fraîcheurfreshnessnoun (feminine)Newness or coolness9 letters
fraternitébrotherhood, fraternitynoun (feminine)Sense of community10 letters
fantastiquefantasticadjectiveUnbelievably good11 letters
félicitationscongratulationsnoun (feminine, plural)Words of praise13 letters

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French Words That Start With F : Pronunciation (Audio File)

Bertrand is happy to pronounce (correctly) with her lovely French accent all these French words starting with F ! 🙂

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French Words That Start With F : PDF To Download & Print

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