X Marks the Spot: The Ultimate Guide to 41 French Words that start with X

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Post updated October 18th, 2023 :
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In the French language, there are few common words beginning with X

They are often unpronounceable, even for a French person.

French Words with special letters like Q, Y or W are more easily pronounced than words with the letter X.

French words That start with X

So, here’s my list of 41 unintelligible French words beginning with X, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

Word Starting with X in FrenchEnglish TranslationFamily and Gender of WordsMeaningNumber of Letters
XénonXenonNoun (Masculine)A chemical element5 Letters
XylolXylolNoun (Masculine)A solvent5 Letters
XylèneXyleneNoun (Masculine)A solvent6 Letters
XiphiasXiphiasNoun (Masculine)A type of fish7 Letters
XylitolXylitolNoun (Masculine)A sugar alcohol7 Letters
XanthomeXanthomaNoun (Masculine)A skin condition8 Letters
XanthineXanthineNoun (Feminine)A biochemical compound8 Letters
XiphodonXiphodonNoun (Masculine)A prehistoric mammal8 Letters
XylobioseXylobioseNoun (Feminine)A sugar molecule9 Letters
XénocrateXenocratesNoun (Masculine)An ancient philosopher9 Letters
XénolitheXenoliteNoun (Masculine)A rock fragment9 Letters
XénophobeXenophobicAdjectiveFearful of foreigners9 Letters
XérophageXerophageNoun (Masculine)Eats dry food9 Letters
XéropisieXeropisieNoun (Feminine)Abnormal dryness9 Letters
XylocarpeXylocarpNoun (Feminine)Woody fruit9 Letters
XylophoneXylophoneNoun (Masculine)A musical instrument9 Letters
XérophyteXerophyteNoun (Masculine)A drought-resistant plant9 Letters
XiphopageXiphopagusNoun (Masculine)Conjoined twins9 Letters
XylophageXylophagousAdjectiveEats wood9 Letters
XénophobieXenophobiaNoun (Feminine)Fear of foreigners10 Letters
XanthopsieXanthopsiaNoun (Feminine)Yellow vision10 Letters
XérodermieXerodermaNoun (Feminine)Dry skin10 Letters
XérostomieXerostomiaNoun (Feminine)Dry mouth10 Letters
XénogreffeXenograftNoun (Feminine)Transplant of tissue10 Letters
XénolithesXenolithNoun (Masculine, Plural)Rock fragments10 Letters
XiphophoreXiphophorusNoun (Masculine)A genus of fish10 Letters
XylomancieXylomancyNoun (Feminine)Divination with wood10 Letters
XanthogèneXanthogenNoun (Masculine)Chemical compound11 Letters
XérographieXerographyNoun (Feminine)A copying process11 Letters
XylographieXylographyNoun (Feminine)Art of wood engraving11 Letters
XanthodermeXanthodermaNoun (Masculine)Yellow skin12 Letters
XénoprotéineXenoproteinNoun (Feminine)Foreign protein12 Letters
XiphisternumXiphisternumNoun (Masculine)Part of the sternum12 Letters
XérophtalmieXerophthalmiaNoun (Feminine)Dry eyes12 Letters
XanthophylleXanthophyllNoun (Feminine)Plant pigment12 Letters
XanthochromieXanthochromiaNoun (Feminine)Yellow pigment in fluid13 Letters
XanthopicriteXanthopicriteNoun (Feminine)Yellow pigment13 Letters
XénogénétiqueXenogeneticAdjectiveOf foreign origin13 Letters
XylographiquesXylographicAdjectiveRelated to wood engraving14 Letters
Table of French words that start with X

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French Words That Start With X : Pronunciation (Audio File)

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French Words That Start With X : PDF To Download & Print

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