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Bonjour, bonjour !

We are Louise (37 y.o) and Christine (65 y.o).

FrenchWin is our personal blog !

My mother passed her passion for our country on to me throughout my youth.

We spent many vacations and weekends visiting the 4 corners of our beautiful country as a family.

We love our country, with its qualities and of course its imperfections too.

A French author, Sylvain Tesson, sums up our feelings about France perfectly

France is a paradise populated by people who believe they are living in hell !

Sylvain TESSON

We are aware of how the French are perceived 🙂

France is beautiful and we love our country ! 🙂

I persuaded my mom to create this blog together to share our passion with you, our privileged visitors.

We both hope you enjoy browsing our blog.

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Frenchwin : a blog about France (in English)

Aimed at foreign travelers, FrenchWin is a blog that presents France in all its aspects :

  • French culture
  • Visiting France
  • Learning French
  • Social Studies

The blog was relaunched in 2023 after several months of abandonment.

We are back to business !

Who I Am : Louise SIMON

Born in Cameroon and adopted at 1 year old by Mom Christine and Dad Bertrand, I arrived in France in Obernai, a small city in region of Alsace with my new parents.

I spent all my childhood in Alsace before studying in Paris.

In love with my country of adoption and French people, I like to defend my beautiful country with its strengths and weaknesses.

Passionate about communication and tourism, I help companies to develop their online presence : website, digital marketing, social medias…

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, my personal Linkedin and discover my curriculum vitae (CV).

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Who I Am : Christine ROBERT

Not easy to talk about yourself in a few words!

I’m 65 years old and I live in western Paris, in Chambourcy since my retirement in 2018.

I am close to my daughter Louise and her family. Like all grandmothers I am a fan of my 2 grandchildrens!

I also have a son Olivier who lives in the south of France in Toulouse. He also has 2 childrens.

I was born in Alsace and have always lived in this beautiful region of eastern France.

With my husband Bertrand, we have lived many beautiful years as a family with children. Olivier was born in 1978 and Louise was adopted in 1987 when she was 1 year old.

We divorced in 2006 and I am happy to have kept a very good relationship with the father of my children.

I have made my professional career in real estate.

I have always been passionate about travel, culture and literature.

I have tried to transmit these passions to my children. They were sometimes fed up with museums and travels during their childhood.

We have not stopped moving around France and elsewhere!

You can find me my personal Linkedin.

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Each article of FrenchWin is the object of detailed research: books, readings, press articles

We travel a lot and regularly test various services everywhere in France and abroad.

FrenchWin is independent and does not depend on any private company.

Each article is handwritten, unique and regularly updated.

If you find an error or typo, you can send me an email at hello AT frenchwin DOT com .

Thanks to you and see you soon,

Christine & Louise

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