43 French Words That Start With ‘E’ Every Francophile Should Know

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In this post, I will share with you 43 Exquisite French words that start with E along with their English translations and types.

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French Words That Start With E

So, here’s my list of 43 French words beginning with E, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily & GenderMeaningNumber of Letters
écucurrencynoun (masculine)A type of currency3 letters
élanmomentum, impulsenoun (masculine)A burst of speed or energy4 letters
effeteffect, resultnoun (masculine)Outcome or consequence5 letters
enviedesire, envynoun (feminine)A strong want or jealousy5 letters
enferhellnoun (masculine)A place of suffering or torment5 letters
épaisthickadjectiveNot thin, having substance5 letters
épicespicenoun (feminine)Flavor-enhancing substance5 letters
éviersinknoun (masculine)Basin for washing5 letters
éclatbrilliancenoun (masculine)Great brightness or talent5 letters
écrireto writeverbTo put down thoughts on paper6 letters
éclairlightning, éclairnoun (masculine)Flash of light or pastry6 letters
élixirelixirnoun (masculine)A magical or medicinal potion6 letters
épongespongenoun (feminine)Absorbent material6 letters
érablemaple (tree)noun (masculine)A type of tree6 letters
espacespacenoun (masculine)Area or expanse6 letters
exquisexquisiteadjectiveExtremely beautiful or delicate6 letters
étoilestarnoun (feminine)Celestial object or shape6 letters
écouterto listenverbTo pay attention to sound7 letters
égalitéequalitynoun (feminine)State of being equal7 letters
élégantelegantadjectiveStylish or graceful7 letters
émigrerto emigrateverbTo leave one’s country7 letters
émotionemotionnoun (feminine)Feeling or response7 letters
énergieenergynoun (feminine)Capacity for work or activity7 letters
espérerto hopeverbTo desire with expectation7 letters
essayerto try, to attemptverbTo make an effort or test7 letters
estimerto estimate, to valueverbTo appraise or regard highly7 letters
étrangestrange, weirdadjectiveUnusual or odd7 letters
édificebuilding, structurenoun (masculine)A constructed unit7 letters
enquêteinquiry, investigationnoun (feminine)A search for information7 letters
endroitplace, locationnoun (masculine)A specific area7 letters
écarlatescarletadjectiveBright red8 letters
économieeconomynoun (feminine)System of production and trade8 letters
éloignerto distance, to move awayverbTo put at a distance8 letters
émeraudeemeraldnoun (feminine)A green gemstone8 letters
entendreto hearverbTo perceive sound8 letters
escalierstairs, staircasenoun (masculine)Steps for ascending8 letters
éventailfan (handheld)noun (masculine)A device for cooling8 letters
éléphantelephantnoun (masculine)A large mammal8 letters
éducationeducationnoun (feminine)Process of learning9 letters
émanciperto emancipateverbTo set free or liberate9 letters
enveloppeenvelopenoun (feminine)Paper container for letters9 letters
ensoleillésunnyadjectiveBright with sunlight9 letters
équilibrebalance, equilibriumnoun (masculine)State of stability9 letters
exceptionnelexceptionaladjectiveOutstanding or rare11 letters

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French Words With E + Pronunciation (Audio File)

Bertrand is happy to pronounce (correctly) with her lovely French accent all these French words starting with E ! 🙂

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French Words Starting With E : Video (YouTube)

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French Words That Start With E : PDF To Download & Print

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