My 21 French Words That Start with U (Unsayable!)

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Bonjour les amis,

You might know about a few simple French words like the Non (no), Oui (yes), and Merci (thank you).

Though these words sound easy to pronounce, French is far more difficult to speak.

The real fun lies in getting to know about those 21 French words starting with U that are unsayable even for the Francophones themselves !

Isn’t it funny, though?

Want to have a look at those amusing words?

We got them listed for you and please complete in comments ! 😉


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French words That start with U

There are multiple words in French that start with U, but here we have listed 21 of them that are difficult to speak with their English translation :

  1. Ubiquité – to be ubiquitous – verb
  2. Uchronie – uchronia – noun (feminine)
  3. Ukulele – ukulele – noun (masculine)
  4. Unguéiforme – ungulate – noun (masculine)
  5. Ulcéreux – ulcerative – adjective
  6. Ulcère (à l’estomac) – stomach ulcer – noun
  7. Ulcéreux – ulcerous – adjective
  8. Ultérieurement – later – adverb
  9. Ultraconservateur – ultra-conservative – noun
  10. Ultralibéralisme – ultra-liberalism – noun (masculine)
  11. Ultrasensible – high-speed – adjective
  12. Unilatérale – unilateral – adjective
  13. Ubérisation – uberization – noun (feminine)
  14. Usufruit – usufruct (masculine)
  15. Ubuesque – absurd – adjective
  16. Ultimogéniture – ultimogeniture – noun (masculine)
  17. Umbraculifère – shade-loving (feminine)
  18. Unilatéralité – unilateralism – noun (feminine)
  19. Upérisation – uperization – noun (feminine)
  20. Uréométrie – ureometry – noun (feminine)
  21. Ultracrépidarianisme – ultracrepidarianism – noun (feminine)

But you should know that the last word of the list (Ultracrépidarianisme) is worth 26 points in the French version of scrabble.

But it’s could be difficult to place it ! 😉

French Words With U : With pronunciation (audio)

And Louise is happy to pronounce with her real French accent all these 21 French words starting with U ! 🙂

Please listen to our audio file (mp3) :

French Words Starting With U : Video (YouTube)

Please see (and listen) our video concerning these French words starting with U :

Wrapping It Up!

Have you tried speaking any of these words? Don’t they sound funny?

I heard you shouting YES!

Do ask for your Francophone friends to pronounce them; believe you won’t stop laughing.

If you are a Scrabble lover, learn these words to validate your win without even beginning.

Most of these words score higher Scrabble points. 😉

Good Luck!

— Christine

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