39 Dazzling French Words That Start With D To Know

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Post updated October 19th, 2023 :
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– Definitions added.

This post will introduce you to 29 French words that start with D, along with their English translations and types.

Use these words to dazzle your friends, improve your French vocabulary, or simply enjoy the beauty of the language.

French Words That Start With D

So, here’s my list of 39 French words beginning with D, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily & GenderMeaning Number of Letters
datedatenoun (feminine)day or time of an event4 letters
défichallengenoun (masculine)a test of abilities4 letters
denttoothnoun (feminine)part of the mouth4 letters
douxsoft, mildadjectivenot harsh4 letters
délaideadlinenoun (masculine)time limit5 letters
dansedancenoun (feminine)movement to music5 letters
désirdesirenoun (masculine)wanting something5 letters
dînerdinnernoun/verbevening meal5 letters
doigtfingernoun (masculine)digit on hand5 letters
durerto lastverbcontinue in time5 letters
dindeturkey (bird)noun (feminine)poultry5 letters
départdeparturenoun (masculine)leaving a place6 letters
diversvarious, diverseadjectivedifferent kinds6 letters
dragondragonnoun (masculine)mythical creature6 letters
dormirto sleepverbrest state6 letters
droiteright (direction)adjective/nounopposite of left6 letters
douanecustomsnoun (feminine)border control6 letters
dérivedriftnoun (feminine)moving due to force6 letters
dévouédevotedadjectiveloyal6 letters
dessindrawingnoun (masculine)a sketch or picture6 letters
domainedomainnoun (masculine)area or field7 letters
diplômediplomanoun (masculine)certificate of completion7 letters
drapeauflagnoun (masculine)a symbol on fabric7 letters
douceursweetnessnoun (feminine)pleasant quality7 letters
détenterelaxationnoun (feminine)ease or rest7 letters
douleurpainnoun (feminine)discomfort or ache7 letters
discuterto discussverbtalk or debate8 letters
difficiledifficultadjectivenot easy8 letters
détesterto hateverbstrong dislike8 letters
démarrerto startverbto begin8 letters
dégusterto tasteverbto savor8 letters
découvrirto discoververbto find out9 letters
directeurdirectornoun (masculine)leader or manager9 letters
déménagerto move (house)verbto change residence9 letters
délicieuxdeliciousadjectivetasty9 letters
décorationdecorationnoun (feminine)adornment10 letters
domestiquedomesticadjectiverelated to home10 letters
débarrasserto clearverbto remove11 letters
dictionnairedictionarynoun (masculine)word reference12 letters

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French Words With D + Pronunciation (Audio File)

Louise is happy to pronounce (correctly) with her lovely French accent all these French words starting with D ! 🙂

Please listen to our audio file (mp3) :

French Words Starting With D : Video (YouTube)

Please see (and listen) our video concerning these French words starting with D :

French Words That Start With D : PDF To Download & Print

You are welcome to download and print my list of French Words that start with D in PDF and A4 format here :

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