Treasure Trove of ‘T’: 47 French Words that start with T You’ll Fall in Love With

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Post updated October 25th, 2023 :
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Today, we take a trip to the world of French words that start with the letter ‘T’.

It’s a treasure trove of terms that can truly add to your French vocabulary.

French Words That Start With T: list

So, here’s my list of 37 Terrific French words beginning with T, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily and Gender of WordsShort Meaning in EnglishNumber of Letters
ThéTeaNoun (masculine)A hot or cold beverage3 letters
TôtEarlyAdverbBefore the usual time3 letters
TardLateAdverbAfter the expected time4 letters
TantSo much, as muchAdverbA great amount4 letters
TourTowerNoun (feminine)A tall structure4 letters
TrèsVeryAdverbTo a high degree4 letters
TestTestNoun (masculine)An examination4 letters
TypeTypeNoun (masculine)A category4 letters
TuerTo killVerbTo end a life4 letters
TêteHeadNoun (feminine)Top part of the body4 letters
TacheSpot, stainNoun (feminine)A mark on a surface5 letters
TableTableNoun (feminine)Furniture for eating5 letters
TasseCupNoun (feminine)A small container5 letters
TempsTimeNoun (masculine)Measure of past, present, future5 letters
TerreEarth, landNoun (feminine)The planet or soil5 letters
TexteTextNoun (masculine)Written words5 letters
TigreTigerNoun (masculine)A large feline5 letters
TapisCarpetNoun (masculine)Floor covering5 letters
TalonHeelNoun (masculine)Back part of the foot5 letters
TailleSizeNoun (feminine)Dimensions6 letters
TendreTenderAdjectiveSoft, gentle6 letters
TomateTomatoNoun (feminine)A red fruit6 letters
TristeSadAdjectiveFeeling unhappy6 letters
TeneurContentNoun (feminine)What is inside6 letters
TrancherTo sliceVerbTo cut into pieces7 letters
TromperTo deceiveVerbTo mislead7 letters
TrouverTo findVerbTo locate something7 letters
TambourDrumNoun (masculine)A musical instrument7 letters
TempêteStormNoun (feminine)Severe weather7 letters
ThéâtreTheatreNoun (masculine)A place for performances7 letters
TorrentTorrentNoun (masculine)A strong fast stream7 letters
TuniqueTunicNoun (feminine)A long upper garment7 letters
TâtonnerTo grope, fumbleVerbTo handle clumsily8 letters
TriompherTo triumphVerbTo win8 letters
TonnerreThunderNoun (masculine)Loud noise from the sky8 letters
ToujoursAlwaysAdverbAt all times8 letters
TropicalTropicalAdjectiveRelating to the tropics8 letters
Tandis queWhileConjunctionDuring the time that9 letters
TravaillerTo workVerbTo perform a job9 letters
TrébucherTo trip, stumbleVerbTo lose balance9 letters
TéléphoneTelephoneNoun (masculine)Device for voice communication9 letters
TechniqueTechnique, technicalNoun/AdjectiveMethod or skill9 letters
TourbillonWhirlwindNoun (masculine)Rotating air column9 letters
TraditionTraditionNoun (feminine)A long-held custom9 letters
TémoignageTestimonyNoun (masculine)Evidence or proof10 letters
TransporterTo transportVerbTo move something10 letters
TurbulenceTurbulenceNoun (feminine)Unsteady air flow10 letters

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French Words That Start With T : Pronunciation (Audio File)

Bertrand is happy to pronounce (correctly) with her lovely French accent all these French words starting with T ! 🙂

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French Words That Start With T : Video (YouTube)

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French Words That Start With T : PDF To Download & Print

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