My 53 Vibrant French Words That Start with V

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Post updated October 4, 2023 :
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Today, let’s venture into the world of French words that start with the letter ‘V’.

It’s a vibrant voyage that can add volumes to your French vocabulary.

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French Words that start With V

So, here’s my list of 43 vibrant French words beginning with V, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

Word in FrenchTranslation in EnglishFamily and GenderMeaning
VacancesVacationNoun (feminine, plural)Period of time when one is not working and is relaxing or traveling.
ValiseSuitcaseNoun (feminine)A case used for carrying clothes and belongings when traveling.
VaseVaseNoun (masculine)A container for holding flowers or decorative plants.
VasteVastAdjectiveOf very great extent; expansive.
VéloBicycleNoun (masculine)A two-wheeled vehicle that one rides by pedaling.
VendeurSellerNoun (masculine)Person who sells goods or services.
VentWindNoun (masculine)The natural movement of air.
VerreGlassNoun (masculine)A transparent material; also a container for drinking.
VersTowardsPrepositionIn the direction of.
VertGreenAdjectiveThe color of grass and leaves.
VesteJacketNoun (feminine)A piece of outerwear for the upper body.
VéritéTruthNoun (feminine)The quality or state of being in accordance with fact.
VêtementClothingNoun (masculine)Items worn on the body, such as shirts and pants.
VieLifeNoun (feminine)The experience of being alive and living through events.
VieuxOldAdjectiveHaving lived for a long time; not young.
VillageVillageNoun (masculine)A small community or group of houses in a rural area.
VinWineNoun (masculine)An alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes.
VisageFaceNoun (masculine)The front part of the human head where eyes, nose, and mouth are.
VisiterTo visitVerbTo go to see a person, place, or area, usually for a specific reason.
VoitureCarNoun (feminine)A motor vehicle used for transportation.
VolerTo fly, to stealVerbTo move through the air or to take something unlawfully.
VoyageTripNoun (masculine)A journey or excursion, especially for pleasure.
VueView, sightNoun (feminine)The ability to see or the scenery seen in a particular direction.
ValentinValentineNoun (masculine)A person to whom one gives a card or gift on Valentine’s Day.
VénéneuxPoisonousAdjectiveHaving the ability to harm or kill with poison.
VentilateurFanNoun (masculine)A machine that produces a current of air.
VerrueWartNoun (feminine)A small, hard, benign growth on the skin.
VerserTo pour, to payVerbTo cause liquid to flow or to give money for a service.
VerticalVerticalAdjectiveGoing straight up or down from a level surface.
VestibuleVestibule, hallwayNoun (masculine)An anteroom or small foyer leading into a larger space.
VétérinaireVetNoun (masculine/feminine)A medical professional specialized in animal healthcare.
VibrationVibrationNoun (feminine)An oscillation or quivering movement of an object.
VicieuxViciousAdjectiveDeliberately cruel or violent.
VictoireVictoryNoun (feminine)The act of defeating an opponent or overcoming a difficulty.
VidangeDrain, emptyingNoun (feminine)The process of removing liquid, especially waste water.
VignobleVineyardNoun (masculine)A plantation of grape-bearing vines for wine-making.
VillageoisVillagerNoun (masculine/feminine)An inhabitant of a village.
ViolonViolinNoun (masculine)A string instrument played with a bow.
VirageTurn, bendNoun (masculine)A change in direction, especially on a road.
VirementTransferNoun (masculine)The act of moving money from one account to another.
VirtuelVirtualAdjectiveExisting in essence but not in physical reality.
VisuelVisualAdjectiveRelated to seeing or sight.
VolontaireVoluntary, volunteerAdjective, NounDone or acting of one’s own free will; a person who volunteers.
VocabulaireVocabularyNoun (masculine)The body of words used in a particular language.
VoyageurTravelerNoun (masculine/feminine)A person who is traveling or who often travels.
VariétéVarietyNoun (feminine)The quality of being different or diverse; a category of things of the same type.
VanilleVanillaNoun (feminine)A flavor derived from orchids; used in food and drink.
VendrediFridayNoun (masculine)The day of the week between Thursday and Saturday.
VitesseSpeedNoun (feminine)The rate at which someone or something moves or operates.
VolontéWill, willingnessNoun (feminine)The faculty of conscious and deliberate choice; the desire to do something.
ValableValidAdjectiveHaving legal efficacy or force; well-grounded.
VirtuoseVirtuosoNoun (masculine/feminine)A person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit.
VulnérableVulnerableAdjectiveSusceptible to physical or emotional harm or attack.
Table of French words that start with V

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And Voilà!

Forty-three French words starting with V to improve your vocabulary.

Keep practicing, and stay tuned for the next round.

À bientôt !

— Christine

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