From ‘Café’ To ‘Célibataire’: Your Complete Guide To 47 French Words That Start With C

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Post updated October 19th, 2023 :
– Add number of letters for each word
– Add a printable pdf file of the word list.
– Addition 10 new words beginning with C.
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– Definitions added.

Before to check the letter C, you can take a look at the letter Q, the letter I, or the letter H.

In this post, we’ll dive into 47 French words starting with C, complete with their English translations and types.

French Words That Start With C

So, here’s my list of 47 captivating French words beginning with C, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily & GenderMeaningNumber of Letters
cafécoffee, cafénoun (masculine)a place to get coffee4 letters
chatcatnoun (masculine)feline pet4 letters
chefchief, boss, headnoun (masculine)leader in a workplace4 letters
cerfdeer, stagnoun (masculine)wild forest animal4 letters
chiendognoun (masculine)canine pet5 letters
câblecablenoun (masculine)wired connection5 letters
canoëcanoenoun (masculine)small boat5 letters
cerisecherrynoun (feminine)small red fruit6 letters
chancelucknoun (feminine)good fortune6 letters
cheminpath, waynoun (masculine)a route or track6 letters
citronlemonnoun (masculine)sour yellow fruit6 letters
charmecharmnoun (masculine)attractive quality6 letters
cabanecabin, hutnoun (feminine)small shelter6 letters
camiontrucknoun (masculine)large vehicle6 letters
canardducknoun (masculine)waterfowl6 letters
canapésofa, couchnoun (masculine)seating furniture6 letters
caméracameranoun (feminine)photography device6 letters
chaisechairnoun (feminine)seating furniture6 letters
cartoncardboardnoun (masculine)thick paper material6 letters
choisirto chooseverbto select7 letters
clavierkeyboardnoun (masculine)typing device7 letters
comédiecomedynoun (feminine)humorous play or movie7 letters
célestecelestial, heavenlyadjectiveheavenly7 letters
chaleurheat, warmthnoun (feminine)high temperature7 letters
chameaucamelnoun (masculine)desert animal7 letters
chansonsongnoun (feminine)musical composition7 letters
chapeauhatnoun (masculine)head covering7 letters
calculerto calculateverbto figure out math7 letters
cascatawaterfallnoun (feminine)falling water7 letters
chemiseshirtnoun (feminine)upper body clothing7 letters
chercherto search, to look forverbto seek8 letters
chocolatchocolatenoun (masculine)cocoa treat8 letters
ceinturebeltnoun (feminine)clothing accessory8 letters
capitalcapital (city)noun (feminine)main city8 letters
carnavalcarnivalnoun (masculine)festive event8 letters
camaradefriend, comradenoun (masculine/feminine)peer, friend8 letters
cendrillonCinderellanoun (feminine)fairy tale character9 letters
calendulamarigold (plant)noun (masculine)ornamental plant9 letters
citrouillepumpkinnoun (feminine)orange squash9 letters
casserolesaucepan, potnoun (feminine)cooking utensil9 letters
casquettecap, hatnoun (feminine)brimmed head cover9 letters
cathédralecathedralnoun (feminine)large church10 letters
champignonmushroomnoun (masculine)edible fungus10 letters
calendriercalendarnoun (masculine)date tracker10 letters
catastrophecatastrophe, disasternoun (feminine)major adverse event11 letters
célibatairesingle (unmarried)adjective/nounnot in a relationship11 letters

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French Words With C + Pronunciation (Audio File)

Louise is happy to pronounce (correctly) with her lovely French accent all these French words starting with C ! 🙂

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French Words That Start With C : PDF To Download & Print

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