Ignite Your Vocabulary: 35 ‘I’-mazing French Words That Start with I You Need to Know!

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Today, we will dive into the world of French words that start with the letter I.

Get ready to uncover 35 intriguing and irresistible words that will surely enrich your vocabulary and spark interesting conversations.

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French Words That Start With I

So, here’s my list of 35 irresistible French words beginning with I, with their :

  • English translation
  • Family : french noun, french adjective, french preposition, french verb…
  • Gender : feminine or masculine
  • Meaning
  • Number of letters (for fans of crosswords or Scrabble)

French WordEnglish TranslationFamily and GenderShort Meaning in EnglishNumber of Letters
IleIslandNoun (Feminine)Land surrounded by water3 letters
IdylleIdyllNoun (Feminine)A romantic episode6 letters
IgnareIgnorantAdjectiveLacking knowledge6 letters
IndigoIndigoNoun (Masculine)A blue color6 letters
InfiniInfiniteAdjectiveLimitless6 letters
ImiterTo imitateVerbTo copy6 letters
InhalerTo inhaleVerbTo breathe in7 letters
InonderTo floodVerbTo submerge7 letters
IgnorerTo ignoreVerbTo disregard7 letters
ImpasseDeadlockNoun (Feminine)No progress possible7 letters
IllusionIllusionNoun (Feminine)A deceptive appearance8 letters
IncendieFireNoun (Masculine)A destructive burning8 letters
IndiquerTo indicateVerbTo point out8 letters
InvestirTo investVerbTo allocate money8 letters
InventerTo inventVerbTo create8 letters
ImmédiatImmediateAdjectiveWithout delay8 letters
InsipideTastelessAdjectiveLacking flavor8 letters
IrriguerTo irrigateVerbTo supply water8 letters
ImpétueuxImpetuousAdjectiveActing without care9 letters
ImpliquerTo involveVerbTo necessitate9 letters
ImpulsionImpulseNoun (Feminine)A sudden urge9 letters
InattenduUnexpectedAdjectiveNot anticipated9 letters
IncréduleIncredulousAdjectiveUnwilling to believe9 letters
IngénieuxIngeniousAdjectiveClever9 letters
IsolementIsolationNoun (Masculine)Being isolated9 letters
IntérieurInteriorNoun (Masculine)Inside part9 letters
IntrépideIntrepidAdjectiveFearless9 letters
ImbroglioImbroglioNoun (Masculine)A confusing situation9 letters
ImportunerTo botherVerbTo irritate10 letters
ImaginaireImaginaryAdjectiveNot real10 letters
ImpalpableImpalpableAdjectiveCan’t be touched10 letters
IncroyableIncredibleAdjectiveHard to believe10 letters
InsensibleInsensitiveAdjectiveLacking awareness10 letters
InébranlableUnshakableAdjectiveNot to be doubted12 letters
IrréversibleIrreversibleAdjectiveCan’t be undone12 letters

French Words That Start With I : Pronunciation (Audio File)

Bertrand is happy to pronounce (correctly) with her lovely French accent all these French words starting with I ! 🙂

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French Words That Start With I : Video (YouTube)

Please see (and listen) our video concerning these French words starting with I :

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