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| By : Christine
I’m a retired 65 years old and I live in western Paris. Born in Alsace, I have always lived in this beautiful region of eastern France. Passionate about travel, culture and literature. Find me on Linkedin.

Bonjour les amis,

In this article, you will find all my love for my native region, located in the east of France: Alsace.

I chose to present you one of the most beautiful villages of this region, picturesque and full of history.

Surrounded by rolling vineyards and breathtaking landscapes, Riquewihr is a fairy-tale destination that perfectly captures my region’s rich history and cultural charm.

I will try to share with you my personal podium in each important category when you are traveling and looking for the best places and things to do without wasting time looking for.

Enjoy your visit with this guide in one day… or more 🙂

— Christine

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how to get in Riquewihr in 2023?

Whatever the ways, you will arrive in this charming village by road.

You will already be relaxed and delighted to have discovered a part of the wine route.

And if the sun accompanies you, you will have magnificent views of our vines.

My podium for you:

1. By plane

Your most convenient option is to fly into EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which is about 71 km away.

From the airport, you can rent a car or use public transport to access Riquewihr.

Alternatively, you can fly into Strasbourg International Airport (75 km) or Baden-Baden Airport (130 km) in Germany.

2. By train

The nearest station is in Colmar, 14 km from Riquewihr.

From Paris, take a high-speed TGV train to Strasbourg, then transfer to a local TER train to Colmar.

From Colmar, you can take a bus or taxi, or rent a car to reach the village.

Regional buses, such as line 106, also connect Riquewihr with other nearby towns.

3. by road

From Paris, take the A4 motorway east towards Strasbourg.

Before reaching Strasbourg, exit onto the A35 motorway southbound towards Colmar.

Follow the A35 until you reach exit 21, labeled “Ostheim,” and then continue on the D1B and D1B1 roads, following signs to Riquewihr.

The journey takes approximately 5-6 hours, depending on traffic.

From Strasbourg, the drive should take about 1 hour.

From Basel (Switzerland), head north on the A35 motorway towards Colmar.

where can you park your car?

Riquewihr has limited parking spaces within the village, as the streets are narrow and pedestrian-friendly.

There are paid parking lots on the outskirts of the village, where you can leave your car before exploring the town on foot.

Be sure to respect the designated parking areas to avoid fines or inconveniences.

At 9:00 Am: You stroll across streets

My podium for this early morning:

1. La rue du Général de Gaulle

Strolling down Riquewihr’s main street is like stepping back in time.

You wander along the cobblestone path and you’ll be surely captivated by the village’s vibrant half-timbered houses adorned with window boxes overflowing with flowers.

This bustling thoroughfare offers an array of charming shops selling local delicacies, handmade crafts, and Alsatian wines.

But don’t enter immediately, take your time…

You’ll discover notable landmarks such as the 16th-century Dolder Tower, which once served as a defensive gate, and the beautiful Renaissance-style Maison de Vignerons.

Please, enjoy the convivial atmosphere!

Take time to admire intricate details on the facades of historic buildings, reflecting the region’s architectural heritage.

The lively main street provides an immersive experience of Riquewihr’s rich history and culture, leaving you with a lasting impression of this picturesque Alsatian gem.

2. A leisurely wander around Riquewihr’s old city ramparts

If you are a fast walker or if you want a more leisurely stroll, you can start with the city tour.

This tour reveals the village’s rich history and fortifications.

(Source photo: Facebook – Ville de Riquewihr)

Start at the Dolder Tower, a 16th-century gate, and follow the preserved walls encircling the village.

Admire calmly the lush vineyards beyond the walls and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding countryside.

Along the way, you’ll discover quiet corners, hidden gardens, and picturesque spots, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling main street.

3. In 2023 : The geovino hike in Riquewihr

If you have the soul of a sportwoman or if you want to wake up, you can also opt for this choice.

It is a unique, self-guided tour that combines wine, geology, and beautiful landscapes.

(Source photo: Facebook – Ville de Riquewihr)

This 6-kilometer trail takes you through vineyards, showcasing the diverse terroir that influences the region’s exceptional wines.

You could read informative panels explaining the geological features and wine-growing practices.

With stunning views of Riquewihr and the Vosges Mountains, the GeoVino Hike offers an educational and picturesque experience for wine lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

At 10h30 am: take a break, a coffee and a “bredala”

The Alsatian pastries are very well known: the small cakes called “bredala” in regional language, the jam tarts (“linz torte”) or the “kouglof”.

With a coffee or a tea, it is a delight!

Podium of 3 best pastries in Riquewihr :

1. la Maison alsacienne de biscuiterie

  • Adress: 2 or 49 rue du Général De Gaulle in Riquewihr
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 21 85 10

2. Patisserie chez Chloé

  • Adress: 24 rue du Général De Gaulle
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 24 19 46

(Source photo: Facebook – Chez Chloé)

3. Kouglopf & Cie

  • Adress: 17 rue de la couronne in Riquewihr
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 72 91 57

15 or 30 min. later: let yourself be seduced by some souvenir gifts

Here is my Podium of 3 best gift shops in Riquewihr in 2023 :

(Source photo: Pixhere)

1. Couleurs d’Alsace

That’s a vibrant and typical gift shop!

You will find an array of Alsatian souvenirs and crafts.

From traditional pottery, colorful textiles, to intricate hand-painted decorations, each item reflects the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Shopping here offers a chance to bring home a piece of Alsace, making your visit truly memorable.

2. La cristallerie

It is a specialty gift shop renowned for its exquisite crystal and glassware.

Here, you’ll find a wide array of items, from elegant wine glasses and vases to intricate figurines, all showcasing expert craftsmanship.

This store is a haven for those who appreciate the beauty and artistry of fine crystal, making it a perfect stop for unique souvenirs.

3. Féerie de Noël

Find the magic of Christmas all year long in this store!

You will discover here holiday ornaments, nativity scenes, and festive decor.

Walking into the shop feels like stepping into a Christmas wonderland, filled with twinkling lights and seasonal charm, making it a must-visit for holiday enthusiasts.

13h00: taste the local culinary specialties

It’s time to take a real gourmet break and discover the local specialties in a superb setting.

It’s hard for me me to give you my podium of 3 best Restaurants in Riquewihr in 2023 because a lot of them are good!

1. La Grappe d’Or

  • Description: traditional Alsatian fare.

This restaurant offers you a cozy atmosphere and a menu featuring regional specialties like tarte flambée, choucroute garnie and baeckeoffe.

  • Adress: Seigneuriales, 1 rue des écuries in Riquewihr
  • phone number to reserve: 00 33 3 89 47 89 52

2. Au Trotthus

  • Description: gourmet restaurant.

It serves creative, refined dishes inspired by local produce and flavors.

Chef Philippe Aubron’s elegant presentation and attention to detail make for you a memorable experience.

  • Adress: 9 rue des juifs in Riquewihr
  • phone number to reserve: 00 33 3 89 47 96 47

3. La table du gourmet

A Michelin-starred establishment led by Chef Jean-Luc Brendel.

(Source photo: Facebook – La table du gourmet)

The menu showcases inventive reinterpretations of Alsatian classics, combining high-quality ingredients and modern culinary techniques.

You will love it!

  • Adress: 5 rue de la 1ere armée in Riquewihr
  • phone number to reserve: 00 33 3 89 49 09 09

15h: some alsatian wines or new discoveries?

Now you have a real dilemma: either your stomach can still swallow something, or you can’t and then you go for a walk again.

If you feel up to it, you can’t miss a chance to taste some wine in one of the many wine cellars on the main street.

Let yourself be tempted because the Alsatian winemakers are very welcoming!

Here is my podium of 3 best wine cellars in Riquewihr in 2023 :

1. Hugel et Fils

  • Adress: 3 rue de la 1ère armée in Riquewihr
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 47 92 15

2. Dopff & Irion

  • Adress: 1 cour du château in Riquewihr
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 49 08 92

3. Maison Zimmer

  • Adress: 29 rue du Général De Gaulle in Riquewihr
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 47 91 61

(Source photo: Facebook – Vignoble Alliance Alsace)

18h: cheers!

Let’s continue your marathon…of thirst 🙂

For those who have not tasted the wines and are thirsty after their afternoon walk.

Beer is also an Alsatian specialty.

My podium of 3 best bars:

1. la brasserie de Riquewihr

  • Adress: 6 rue du Général De Gaulle in Riquewihr
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 71 75 06

2. le grognard

  • Adress: 12 rue des écuries seigneuriales in Riquewihr
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 22 35 75

3. au vieux bouc

  • Adress: 2 place Voltaire in Riquewihr
  • Phone number: 00 33 3 89 22 79 51

(Source photo: Facebook – Au vieux bouc)

20h: maybe you spend your night in Riquewihr

My Podium of 3 best hotels in Riquewihr (2023) :

1. Hotel de la Couronne:

  • Description: a perfect alliance between aunthenticity and modernity

Located in a 16th-century building in the heart of Riquewihr, this hotel offers you comfortable rooms with traditional Alsatian decor.

  • Adress: 5 rue de la couronne in Riquewihr
  • phone number to reserve: 00 33 3 89 49 03 03

2. Le Schoenenbourg

  • Description: Spa hotel located at the foot of the ramparts of the medieval city

You will find very comfortable rooms and a very nice spa and pool area to rest after your long day.

  • Adress: 2A rue de la piscine in Riquewihr
  • phone number to reserve: 00 33 3 89 49 01 11

3. Hotel “à l’Oriel”

  • Description: a family-run hotel located in a half-timbered house.

It offers you cozy rooms and a wine cellar where guests can taste local wines.

  • Adress: 5 rue de la 1ere armée in Riquewihr
  • phone number to reserve: 00 33 3 89 49 09 09

My 2 favourites in Riquewihr In 2023

Beauty and the beast

You may not believe me but there is an incredible story about this small village:

Riquewihr, with its timeless charm and picturesque streets, is said to have inspired the setting for Disney’s animated classic, “Beauty and the Beast”.

The village’s half-timbered houses, cobblestone paths, and well-preserved medieval architecture bear a striking resemblance to the fictional town where Belle, the film’s protagonist, lives.

As you stroll through Riquewihr, it’s easy to imagine Belle, book in hand, wandering through the vibrant village, or the spirited opening song sequence taking place amongst the colorful buildings.

The connection adds a touch of enchantment to a visit to Riquewihr, making it even more of a fairy-tale destination.

During this lovely song, you have a lot of street views about a village seems to be Riquewihr.

In December, Experience the Magic of Christmas in Riquewihr

If you’re seeking a festive destination that truly captures the spirit of the holiday season, look no further than the Christmas market in Riquewihr.

(Source photo: Facebook – Ville de Riquewihr)

At this season, the village, often compared to a scene from a storybook, transforms into a Yuletide paradise, making it a must-visit for Winter.

Imagine you strolling down cobbled streets, lined with half-timbered houses glowing with festive lights.

(Source photo: Facebook – Ville de Riquewihr)

The air is filled with the aroma of mulled wine, gingerbread, and roasting chestnuts from the market stalls.

The sound of carolers and the sight of handcrafted ornaments and gifts add to the festive ambiance.

What sets Riquewihr’s Christmas market apart is its commitment to authenticity.

Each chalet-style stall showcases the best of Alsatian traditions and crafts, from handmade decorations to local culinary delights.

So, pack your winter coat in December and join us in Riquewihr this Christmas.

Experience the charm, warmth, and festive cheer that makes this market a true Christmas wonderland!

I couldn’t end my post any better !


People also asked about best things to do in Riquewihr :

What is Riquewihr known for?

Riquewihr is known for its picturesque architecture and its wine.

It is a medieval gem in France.

It’s nestled between mountains and vineyards.

Riquewihr is a top place to visit in Alsace.

It’s a must-see stop on the Alsace Wine Route.

What museum is in Riquewihr?

Museum in Riquewihr are among others: dolder museum, post and telecommunications museum, “musée de la tour des voleurs”.

What is Alsace known for?

Alsace, a region that unfurls across the canvas of France, is an idyllic tapestry of splendor and delight.

Revered for its yuletide markets that effuse the spirit of Christmas, majestic castles steeped in history, and the celebrated Wine Route that is a beacon to oenophiles, Alsace’s charm is amplified by its close ties to Germany.

Alsace offers a great culinary experience: It is a gastronomic haven, renowned for its cuisine. From the tangy sauerkraut and delectable Flammekueche to its exquisite white wines.

Visiting France :

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