Is France Bigger Than Texas?

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No, Texas is approximately 1,3 times bigger than France in surface area but France is 2,3 times bigger than Texas in population.

The total area of France (include the overseas regions) is 551 695 Sq. Km. while the area of Texas is 695 662 Sq. Km. from governmental sources (see below).

The total area of France includes metropolitan France (France métropolitaine) and the overseas departments and territories : French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte and Reunion Island…

  • Surface area of metropolitan France (France métropolitaine) is 543 940 Sq. Km.
  • Surface area of France overseas regions (DOM-TOM) is 89 169 Sq. Km.
  • Total surface area of France is 551 695 Sq Km.

So France represents about 79% of Texas in surface area.

is france bigger than texas overlapping surfaces areas
Texas on France (overlapping surfaces area)

Sources :

  • France : INSEE Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (datas 2020 published March 31 2022)
  • Texas : United States Census Bureau

Population of France vs Texas (official sources)

The French population is 2,3 times higher of Texas’s population.

France has 68 millions (exactly 68 042 591) habitants on January 1st 2023 while Texas has 30 millions habitants (exactly 30 029 572 in July 2022) from governmental sources (see below).

So Texas represents about 44% of France in population size.

Sources :

  • France : INSEE estimates (2023)
  • Texas : United States Census Bureau (2022)

People also ask concerning France and Texas comparison :

Will France fit inside Texas?

Yes, France fit inside Texas because surface area of Texas is 695 662 Sq. Km. while France surface area is 551 695 Sq. Km. (with overseas regions).

So Texas is about 1,3 times bigger than France.

Sources are governmental (see above).

Is Texas larger than Germany?

Yes Texas is 1,9 times larger than Germany in surface area.

Texas surface area is 695 662 Sq. Km. and Germany surface area is 357 588 Sq. Km.

Sources are governmental (see above).

How many Frances can fit in Texas?

Only one France can fit in Texas because Texas is only 1,3 times bigger in surface area : 695 662 Sq. Km. vs 551 695 Sq. Km (with overseas regions).

We can say the size of Texas and France in surface area are pretty similar !

Sources are governmental (see above).

What countries is Texas bigger than?

Texas is bigger than a lot of countries :

  • Texas is 1,3 times bigger than France
  • 1,9 times bigger than Germany
  • 2,2 times bigger than Japan
  • 2,9 times bigger than United Kingdom
  • 1,2 times bigger than Ukraine

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