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If you are visiting Cannes in France, maybe you are looking for the best beach in Cannes?

After one week of holidays in French Riviera, I have tested some of the most beautiful beaches.

So I propose you my selection of the 9 best beaches in Cannes !


PS : please share in comments your best beaches in Cannes !

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9 Best beaches In Cannes

And here is my personal selection of the 9 best beaches in Cannes (France):

9. Palm Beach Cannes – 4.3 / 5

Source : Instagram @karlcotedazur

This beach offers stunning seaside views and a luxurious atmosphere, complemented by the surrounding restaurants and clean, sandy shores. However, some visitors find it to be an expensive place with subpar music and a bit far from the city center.


8. Plage Macé – 4.4 / 5

Source : Instagram @cannestourism

Though crowded in peak summer, offers serene mornings with calm, clean waters. Equipped with public amenities, food kiosks, and sandy shores, it’s perfect for early swims and people-watching. For the best spot, arrive early !


7. Plage des Pierres Hautes – 4.4 / 5

Rocky terrain and clear waters, may require some climbing for access, making it less frequented by vacationers. Its secluded nature makes it an unofficial naturist spot. While the rocky shores may not be as comfortable as sandy ones, they offer a unique, tranquil, and picturesque experience. Be careful, not for kids !


6. Handiplage de Bijou Plage – 4.4 / 5

Source : Instagram @elyse_beaugrand

This beach offers excellent facilities for people with disabilities, including specialized equipment and easy water access. With attentive staff, clean and well-organized surroundings, and beautiful sandy shores, it provides an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.


5. Plage des Rochers de la Bocca – 4.5 / 5

Source : Instagram @labocca-

This beach is recognized for its beauty and spaciousness, providing a serene and uncrowded experience, especially in the off-peak month of September. However, caution is advised in the evenings due to some visitors indulging in excessive drinking !


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4. Plage de la Bocca – 4.5 / 5

A favorite for its unique features including a workout station and a sandy shoreline, unlike many other French Riviera beaches. The surf is perfect and there’s a nice walkway with snack stands. However, cleanliness could improve in the afternoon.


3. Croisette Beach Cannes – 4.5 / 5

Source : Instagram @katrin0812

This beach, centrally located in Cannes, offers a tranquil morning escape and vibrant daytime atmosphere. Despite some access limitations, its stunning Mediterranean views and convenient amenities make it a must-visit spot.


2. Roubine Beach – 4.5 / 5

This small, clean beach offers pristine waters in the morning, becoming less so in the afternoon due to boat traffic. Parking can be challenging, but unique features like BBQ permission make it a memorable spot. A well-maintained, magical place to enjoy a beach day !


1. Plage du Midi – 4.6 / 5

Source : Instagram @iimmooalliance

Offers a tranquil, less crowded experience with clean, sandy shores and clear water. It’s equipped with amenities like free showers and nearby parking. Visitors should be aware of the stronger waves in the afternoon. It’s a perfect spot for a peaceful day by the sea.


Enjoy !


You also ask about beaches in Cannes :

Does Cannes have good beaches?

Yes Cannes have a lot of good beaches, my top 3 is :

  1. Plage du Midi à Cannes
  2. Roubine Beach
  3. Croisette beach Cannes

Please read above my post about 9 best beaches in Cannes.

What is the best public beach in Cannes France?

The best public beach in Cannes (France) is for me the “Plage du Midi” for 3 reasons :

  • tranquility and less crowded experience
  • clear water
  • free showers and parking

Please read above my post about 9 best beaches in Cannes.

Is there a sandy beach in Cannes?

Yes there is a lot of sandy beach in Cannes (France), my top 3 is :

  1. Plage du Midi à Cannes
  2. Roubine Beach
  3. Croisette beach Cannes

Please read above my post about 9 best beaches in Cannes.

Can you swim in Cannes beach?

You can swim in Cannes beach, of course.

My top 3 beaches in Cannes to swim is :

  1. Plage Macé in Cannes to swim in the morning
  2. Plage du Midi
  3. Croisette beach Cannes

Please read above my post about 9 best beaches in Cannes.

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