Dating French Men : My 15 Irresistible Secrets

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| By : Louise
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Bonjour bonjour !

Warning: no men allowed! 🙂

Today I want to talk to you about a subject that interests all of you: dating French men !

France has its own culture when it comes to dating.

And French guys have their own particularities.

I share with you my 15 tips to date French men.

Please use them wisely ! 😉

Louise xx

My 15 Secrets & Tips To Dating French guys

1. Embrace the Art of Conversation

Conversation is good but…dessert is better ! 😉

French men love a good tête-à-tête (one to one).

Show your wit, intelligence, and charm by engaging in captivating conversations.

Don’t hesitate to debate or express your opinions.

French men appreciate strong-minded women who can hold their own.

2. Master the Art of Flirting

Flirting is a subtle dance in France.

Master the art of sending subtle signals and hints, while keeping a touch of mystery.

Remember, it’s all about the chase and the anticipation of romance that thrills French guys.

3. Dress to Impress

Style matters to French men.

Invest in chic, classic outfits and avoid anything too flashy.

They will notice your elegance and appreciate your effort to look your best!.

4. Be Open to Romance

French guys likes romantic gestures, like leaving love notes or sending flowers.

Embrace these acts of love and return the affection in your unique way.

They will cherish your openness to their chivalry.

5. Learn the Language of Love

Speak their language, even if it’s a few phrases.

Your effort to learn French will charm them.

And it adds a touch of intimacy to your interactions.

After all, French (le français) is the language of love.

6. Appreciate Fine Dining

dating french guys tips
Fine dining is always a good idea for french men (and for you…too!)

French men take great pride in their cuisine.

Be open to trying new dishes, and don’t shy away from expressing your delight in the flavors.

Sharing a meal can be a sensual and bonding experience.

7. Be Confident and Independent

French men admire confident & independent women !

Show that you’re self-reliant and have your own interests, while still making time for him.

This balance will intrigue and attract him.

8. Enjoy the Slow Pace of Dating

In France, relationships tend to progress slowly.

Savor each moment and let the relationship unfold naturally.

French guys appreciate the pleasure of anticipation and getting to know you deeply.

9. Adapt to Cultural Differences

Be open-minded and embrace the cultural differences between you.

French men may have different dating customs.

But they will appreciate your effort to understand and respect their culture.

This will strengthen your bond and deepen your connection.

10. Show Genuine Interest in His Life

Show genuine interest in his passions, hobbies, and family.

Ask thoughtful questions and listen attentively to his stories.

This will make him feel valued and create a deeper emotional connection between you both.

11. Be Patient with Introductions

French men may take their time introducing you to their circle of friends and family.

Be patient. Understand that this is a sign of their commitment and desire.

To ensure the relationship is strong before integrating you into their social life.

12. Cherish the Small Gestures

Appreciate the small, everyday gestures that embody French romance.

Like a gentle touch on the arm or a lingering gaze.

These actions are often more significant than grand displays of affection.

13. Join Him in His Interests

dating french guys
Dating a French guy on football match (not soccer, be careful) ? Check.

Show your willingness to take part in his hobbies or interest.

Whether it’s attending a soccer match : football in France, not soccer! :-).

Or visiting an art exhibition.

This shared experience will create lasting memories and bring you closer together.

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14. Be Open to Adventure

French guys love spontaneity and adventure.

Be open to last-minute plans and surprise outings!

As these experiences can add excitement and romance to your relationship.

Enjoy the thrill of the unexpected together.

15. Respect His Need for Space

French men value their independence and may need time to themselves.

Understand and respect his need for space, and he will appreciate your support and trust in him.

This will create a healthier, stronger relationship.


I hope you like these tips and you now know how to date a French man !

Make good use of them 😉

With love, Louise xx

People are also asking about dating French men :

Are French guys good to date?

Bien sûr ! French guys are romantic, charming, and cultured, making them wonderful partners for those who appreciate these qualities.

How do you tell if a French man likes you?

A French man may show interest through subtle flirting, engaging conversations, and romantic gestures like surprise outings or thoughtful gifts.

What’s it like to date a French guy?

Dating a French guy is an enchanting journey filled with intellectual discussions, delicious food, and the excitement of discovering each other’s cultures.

What French men love in a woman?

French men appreciate confident, independent women who are open to romance, enjoy fine dining, and have a sense of style and elegance !

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