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Are you browsing for the best French action movies to binge-watch with your movie night buddies?

Ensure to have a look at my personal selection French action movies of all time!

These include all the masterpieces from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Work is in progress ! 😉


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15 Best French Action Movies (My Selection)

Here is my personal ranking of the 15 best French action movies with its IMDB rating.

Ranked from lowest to highest IMDb rating.

Please check the trailer before watching the complete movie (by experience) !

15. Arsène Lupin (2004) – 5.4 / 10

French TranslationArsène Lupin

Summary: The adventures of the legendary French thief and master of disguise.


14. Empire of the Wolves (2005) – 5.8 / 10

French TranslationL’Empire des loups

Summary: A disgraced detective and a Turkish psychologist face a criminal conspiracy.


13. Dead Weight (2002) – 5.9 / 10

French TranslationLe Boulet

Summary: A man must retrieve a lucky lottery ticket going to Mali to pay off his mobster boss.


12. The Assault (2010) – 6.1 / 10

French TranslationL’Assaut

Summary: A film about the real-life hijacking of an Air France flight in 1994.


11. Yamakasi (2001) – 6.1 / 10

French TranslationYamakasi

Summary: Young friends use parkour to rob the rich to provide for the poor.


10. Outside the Law (2010) – 6.6 / 10

French TranslationHors-la-loi

Summary: Three Algerian brothers in France are caught up in the fight for Algerian independence.


9. The Prey (2011) – 6.6 / 10

French TranslationLa Proie

Summary: A convict escapes from prison to protect his family from his former cellmate.


8. Taxi (1998) – 7 / 10

French TranslationTaxi

Summary: A taxi driver helps a cop pursue German bank robbers.


7. Days of Glory (2006) – 7 / 10

French TranslationIndigènes

Summary: Story of North African soldiers who fought for France during WWII.


6. 36th Precinct (2004) – 7.1 / 10

French Translation36 Quai des Orfèvres

Summary: A gripping police drama about rivalry and ambition within the Paris police force.


5. District B13 (2004) – 7.1 / 10

French TranslationBanlieue 13

Summary: In future Paris, a cop and a criminal team up to save a district from a nuclear device.


4. Read My Lips (2001) – 7.3 / 10

French TranslationSur mes lèvres

Summary: A partially deaf woman gets entangled with a thief.


3. Tell No One (2006) – 7.5 / 10

French TranslationNe le dis à personne

Summary: A man is implicated in his wife’s murder, eight years after her death.


2. Mesrine: Killer Instinct (2008) – 7.5 / 10

French TranslationL’instinct de mort

Summary: Biographical film depicting the life of notorious French gangster Jacques Mesrine.


1. Hate (1995) – 8.1 / 10

French TranslationLa haine

Summary: Three friends navigate racial and social tension in Paris’ banlieues.


That was all about my top 15 of the best French action movies of all time.

With these and the best French romantic movies, you can have fun overnight with your adventure partners.

I am excited to know about your best French action movies!

Be sure to let me know about your fav choices in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more!

— Louise

People also ask concerning best French action movies :

Which French film is about First World War?  

Les Croix de bois (1932) depicts the cruelties of the First World War.

It portrays how harrowingly realistic is the life of a soldier on the Western Front.

Other French Films about First World War are:

  • Grand Illusion (1937)
  • Ace of Aces (1982)
  • Paradise Lost (1940)
  • Sunset (2018)
  • ………

How do you say action films in French?                 

In French, you use the following words for action films:

  • film d’action” (fr) – action movie (eng)
  • un film d’action” (fr) – an action movie (eng)

Where can I watch old French movies?                  

You can watch old French movies on the following platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • iTunes
  • Mubi
  • Filmdoo
  • …etc

What is the best action movie on IMDb?    

The best action movie could be The Dark Knight (2008), according to an IMDb rating of 9/10 and more than 2,7 million votes (category Action).

Other best-rated action movies include:

  • The Lord of Rings: The Return of the King (2003) – 9/10
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) – 8,9/10
  • Inception (2010) – 8,8/10
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) – 8,8/10

Read my above-mentioned selection of the best French action movies on IMDb!

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