What Is The Difference Between French And France?

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Bonjour bonjour, it’s Louise !

Today I would you explain the difference between “French” and “France” words.

This is a regular question that my foreign friends often ask me:

What’s the difference between “French” and “France” words?

Difference Between French and France

In short, “France” refers to the country itself.

While “French” can refer to the people, language, or anything related to them.

For examples :

  • a person from France is French
  • people in France speak the French language
  • French cuisine is associated with France.
  • French people love food and wine.

I would be happy to explain the difference between the words “French” and “France” :

Definition of “French”

French people

The word “French” refers to something or someone that is related to the country of France, its people, or its culture.

For example, if someone says they love French cuisine, they are referring to the food and cooking styles of France.

Or if someone says they are learning to speak French, they are referring to the language spoken by the people of France.

Definition of “France”


The word “France” refers to the country itself, its geography, history, and culture.

When someone says they are traveling to France, they are referring to visiting the physical location and experiencing the sights, sounds, and culture of the country.

So, to sum it up, “French” is an adjective that describes something related to France, while “France” is a noun that refers to the country itself.

See you next time for a new lesson of French vocabulary !

I hope that helps ! Do not hesitate to ask me in comments any further questions.


People also ask about French and France :

Is French and France same ?

No “French” and “France” are not same. “French” refers to the language or the people of “France”.

“France” refers to the country of France. The spelling and pronunciation of the word “France” is the same in French and English !

What do French people call themselves ?

French people call themselves “Français” for men and “Françaises” for women.

Is French in Canada the same as French in France ?

No French in Canada are not the same as French in France !

French in Canada have a different vocabulary, grammar, cultural references, and expressions that French in France.

Moreover, the most significant difference is in pronunciation.

Accents and pronunciations can differ enough that a Canadian may need to change their accent slightly to be fully understood by a French in France.

What do you call someone from France ?

Someone from France is called “French” in English (man or woman).

In French we said “Français” for men and “Française” for women !

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